Day pass, bali beds, spa, breakfasts and much more at the best hotels

Enjoy daycations in your city

Being a hotelbreaker means enjoying the best hotels without booking a room. Because hotels are more than just their rooms and we wouldn't like to miss out on the amazing services. Best of both worlds.

Why is hotelbreak different?

We're different because we care. We work to find the hotels with the best hidden/under-rated swimming pools, the most relaxing spas and the restaurants that offer the most savory gastronomy.

A unique concept: daycations

We only work to find the best daycations for you. No rooms by hours or for day use nor week-end getaways.

Immediate confirmation

We too hate the voucher that can never be redeemed and the gift boxes that get forgotten in the library.

Always there for you

Book at all hours of the day with an always up-to-date availability. We'll take care of our needs any day of the week.

They say it better than we do

hotelbreakers love to enjoy life, live experiences, eat tasty food and drink cocktails by the pool. If this sounds like you, it's because you are a hotelbreaker without even knowing it!


Popular hotels

Luxury Direct booking HM Ayron Park
4.7 (102)
HM Ayron Park  *****
• Bali bed • Breakfast • Daypass • Lunches

From €12.5 per pers.

Resort Direct booking HM Gran Fiesta
4.7 (34)
HM Gran Fiesta  ****
Bali bed • Breakfast • Daypass • Lunches

From €7.5 per pers.

Resort Direct booking Hotel & Spa Ferrer Janeiro
4.5 (34)
Hotel & Spa Ferrer Janeiro  ****
Breakfast • Daypass • Dinners • Lunches • Spa

From €18 per pers.

Resort Direct booking Vell Mari Hotel & Resort
4.6 (24)
Vell Mari Hotel & Resort  ****
Afternoon • Breakfast • Daypass • Dinners • Lunches • Outdoor • Spa

From €25 per pers.

City Direct booking Hotel Isla Mallorca & Spa
4.4 (58)
Hotel Isla Mallorca & Spa  ****
• Breakfast • Daypass • Lunches • Massage • Spa

From €19 per pers.

Resort Direct booking AluaSun Marbella Park
4.6 (29)
AluaSun Marbella Park  ****
Daypass • Lunches

From €35 per pers.

Give a daycation

To give a relaxing day in a hotel is the best way to say you care.

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